Hi, I’m Braňo Šandala.
I turn bold
product ideas

into thriving

Brano Sandala, a freelance product designer & mentor

As a freelance product designer, I mold my experience of customer research, product design, and business strategy to help startups and software companies:

  • test and
    validate product ideas
  • define and drive
    scalable product strategy
  • design
    viable, usable and desirable
    digital products
  • establish customer feedback
    loops across the organization,
  • conduct market and customer

Case studies are coming soon.

In the meantime, check out my resumé, peek at a product design blog, or read on what these lovely people say about my work:

Stanislav Hybášek, Co-founder & Innovation Leader, MoroSystems

I truly appreciate working with Brano for the last nine months. He helps us setting up the innovation culture and processes; he’s also involved in new product ideas as a UX researcher and designer. Brano grasps customers’ needs rather quickly. He always brings a fresh perspective to the problem at hand by asking the right questions—so no challenge remains unsolved after discussing it with Brano.

Stanislav Hybášek
Co-founder & Innovation Leader
Stanislav Hybášek, Co-founder & Innovation Leader, MoroSystems
Karol Jarkovsky, Group Product Manager, Contentful
Vojtech Boril, VP of Growth & Marketing, Kentico Kontent
Miroslav Remias, Head of Product Management, Frontify

What would you like me to help you with?

Tell me about your challenge at hi@brano.me.

By the way, my skills and expertise go beyond the product design. Check out some of my side projects:


Braňo Šandala, freelance product designer & mentor (resumé)

Located in Brno, Czech Republic (EU), eligible to work in EU

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