Hi, I’m Braňo Šandala.
I turn bold
product ideas

into thriving

Brano Sandala, a freelance product designer & mentor
Kentico Kontent

Designing a global

B2B SaaS from 0 to 1

As a founding team member, I brought Kentico Kontent from an abstract idea (2015) to its scaling (2019), creating a million-dollar business for a company.

Case study
tota agentura

Building an NPO to cherish Rusyn culture

Since 2011, I’ve produced 10+ creative projects in the family non-profit organization to promote and cherish vibrant Rusyn culture among the younger audience.


Online tool to design product palettes

I’ve built an online tool to speed up the design of an accessible color palette for complex digital products.

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Open-source ecosystem to fix microtypography

One line at a time, I’ve created a set of open-source tools to auto-fix the common typos that otherwise require an attentive eye and knowledge of local typography rules.

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Rusyn festival

Making a love brand

in 4 months

A client hired me to create a visual identity and establish a brand of the emerging festival. After four months of sleepless nights, 8000 people visited, performed, or participated in the week-long festival.

Case study coming soon

I’ve done mix of projects over 10+ years and here’s what these lovely people say about my work:

Stanislav Hybášek, Co-founder & Innovation Leader, MoroSystems

I truly appreciate working with Brano for the last nine months. He helps us setting up the innovation culture and processes; he’s also involved in new product ideas as a UX researcher and designer. Brano grasps customers’ needs rather quickly. He always brings a fresh perspective to the problem at hand by asking the right questions—so no challenge remains unsolved after discussing it with Brano.

Stanislav Hybášek
Co-founder & Innovation Leader
Stanislav Hybášek, Co-founder & Innovation Leader, MoroSystems
Karol Jarkovsky, Group Product Manager, Contentful
Vojtech Boril, VP of Growth & Marketing, Kentico Kontent
Miroslav Remias, Head of Product Management, Frontify

My thoughts on research, business strategy,
and product design:

What seems to be the customer problem?

Finding a customer problem worth solving is key to successful products and businesses. But how do you distinguish a pressing problem from a mere inconvenience?

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3 signs your ego might be ruining a customer interview

It takes a lot of time and energy to get that invaluable feedback from your customers. Don’t let your ego roll over the interview.

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The forgotten truth about the Moonshot goal

An audacious corporate goal that is supposed to inspire 10× thinking and bring in breakthrough outcomes. However, these corporate moonshots are often amiss.

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I work with people, startups, and software companies to:

  • validate product ideas,
  • conduct customer research,
  • set scalable product strategy,
  • design digital products.

Let’s do a project, a workshop, or mentoring.

Hire me at hi@brano.me.